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What Is Diamond Certification?

A certificate is a blue print of a loose diamond. Wholesalers, retailers and consumers know a certificate as either a diamond grading report or a diamond dossier. A certificate reports a diamond's exact measurements, weight, cut and overall quality. A certificate points out a diamond's individual characteristics and is a very useful tool for identifying a stone. When shopping for a loose diamond, keep in mind that stones that have a grading report will help you make an informed decision on the diamond that is right for you.

GIA Diamond Certificate

GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA is the top-rated and foremost authority on diamonds and colored stones in the world. Diamonds submitted to the GIA receive reliable and consistent grading by 3-6 separate gemologists, who individually grade each and every diamond for an accurate final grade. GIA grading reports are considered to be a hallmark of integrity throughout the diamond world. GIA issues two separate types of reports. One of the more common reports is the full issued GIA document, which contains the full description of the diamond as well as a plotting of the grade, setting and clarity characteristics of that stone. This report is generally used for diamonds one carat and above. The second type of report issued through GIA is the Dossier, which is typically issued for diamonds under one carat. The GIA Dossier contains the full details of each diamond graded. In the Dossier, the plotting which is normally seen on a report has been replaced by a laser inscription registry number, however. This number has been laser inscribed on the diamond's girdle allowing for verification of the stone without a mapping of inclusions. This practice has allowed the GIA to save time and money on issuing full reports on smaller diamonds.

AGS diamond certificate

AGS Certified Diamonds

AGS is known throughout the diamond industry for its grading of top–notch ideal cut round diamonds. Their high standards surpass those of any other grading laboratory. If a diamond has been graded by an AGS Lab, it has met the standards of perfect proportions, polish and symmetry and has been given a grade of "ideal" or a "000" rating. AGS Ideal cut round diamonds are highly sought after in today's market.

AGS diamond certificate

IGI Certified Diamonds

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the largest and oldest independent laboratory in the world for grading and assessing diamonds and fine jewelry. With locations in prime markets throughout the word — New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Antwerp, Hong Kong, Mumbai,New Delhi, Surat, Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo and Tel Aviv — the IGI Lab issues over one million reports each year and provides services to the professional jewelry community, as well as consumers. These services include independent diamond authentication and grading reports, colored gemstone reports, appraisal reports, and courses on diamonds and gemstones offered through the IGI's School of Gemology.


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