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Pink sapphires are significantly rarer than blue and yellow sapphires. In many ways, pink sapphires are more similar to rubies than sapphires of other colors. Gemologists often have difficulty differentiating between rubies and pink sapphires. (After all, Pink is really just light red!) Pink sapphires connote femininity and delicacy. They are by far the most feminine and romantic of all precious gemstones.

Like blue sapphires, pink sapphires are evaluated according to the 4 C’s— color, clarity, cut and carat. Color is most important when pricing pink sapphires. Color in gemstones can be broken down into three main elements: hue, saturation, and tone. Hue is the color of the natural gemstone. Saturation is the brightness or richness of the color. And lastly, tone is the scale of lightness to darkness of the color. Pink sapphires are found in a variety of blends of hues, tones, and levels of saturation.

Pink sapphires are found in a range of pink colors, from pale baby pinks to vibrant, magenta pinks. Today, the most sought after pink sapphire colors are highly saturated purplish red hues with a medium tone. These sapphires appear hot pink or bubble-gum pink. Pink corundum is colored by traces of chromium. Very high chromium concentrations will create a ruby, and lower concentrations create pink sapphires. If the trace element titanium is also included in the crystal structure, the sapphire will have a more purplish pink.

Caring for pink sapphires is easy. To clean pink sapphires, simply use a soft brush with some mild dish soap. Don't forget to get behind the stone where dust may collect.

James Allen offers a stunning collection of pink sapphires. Pink sapphires look beautiful look especially beautiful when set in white gold or platinum and contrasted against diamonds.


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