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Many people prefer the radiance of yellow sapphires, although blue sapphires are the most popular of sapphires. Yellow sapphires are yellow color natural gemstones, and are a variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide. Yellow sapphires range from greenish yellow to orange yellow. They are often mistake for yellow diamonds as they look extremely similar. The most valuable yellow sapphire is a vibrant canary yellow--a medium hue. Orange or brownish yellow sapphires are highly valued in Asian markets, while brown sapphires are less popular.

Yellow sapphires get their sunny yellow hue from either traces of iron, low-level radiation within the earth or by lab-induced radiation. The latter are known to fade in the heat or light and therefore are not ideal. Yellow sapphires usually have fewer inclusions than other blue or pink sapphires, and are held to higher clarity standards. Like all sapphires, they are evaluated according to the 4 C’s— color, clarity, cut and carat. Color is most important when pricing yellow sapphires. Color in natural gemstones can be broken down into three main elements: hue, saturation, and tone. Hue is the color of the gemstone. Saturation is the brightness or richness of the color. And lastly, tone is the scale of lightness to darkness of the color.

It is believed that yellow sapphires bring prosperity, good health and honor. Mythology tells that yellow sapphires bring good luck when searching for a soul mate. Throughout history, women have worn yellow sapphires to attract men to marry. Yellow sapphires are therefore a more popular choice for everyday rings and pendants, as opposed to engagement rings. By the time a woman is ready to get engaged, her yellow sapphire has already worked its magic!

Caring for yellow sapphires is easy. To clean yellow sapphires, simply use a soft brush with some mild dish soap. Don't forget to get behind the stone where dust may collect.

James Allen offers a stunning collection of yellow sapphires. Yellow sapphires are most commonly featured in decorative rings and are especially popular among customers who want to constantly feel inspired and positive. Yellow sapphires look especially beautiful when set in yellow gold and contrasted against diamonds. From solitaire rings to art-deco pendants, James Allen has a yellow sapphire that's perfect for you.


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