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Emerald Cut

Emerald cut diamonds feature step cuts of the pavilion and a large table. Typically, emerald cut diamonds are less brilliant than round or princess diamonds, but they offer beautiful clarity and a dazzling interplay of light.

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1591 results found: emerald  diamonds; between 0.5-10 carats; between $400- $999,000
Details Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Depth Table Fluor Lab Photo Price Compare
1.20 H VS2 - 68.9 55.0 None GIA $ 5,810
1.41 H VS2 - 63.7 67.0 None GIA $ 7,540
1.82 H VS2 - 63.5 70.0 None GIA $ 12,730
1.02 H VS2 - 74.0 55.0 None IGI $ 3,600
1.03 H VS2 - 65.1 63.0 Faint GIA $ 4,270
1.04 H VS2 - 66.8 62.0 None GIA $ 4,780

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Emerald-cut diamonds are characterized by step cuts and a long table. Although emerald-cut diamonds are less brilliant than round diamonds or princess diamonds, they are revered for their clarity. Emerald-cut diamonds are known for their angled corners and step-cut, as well as their rectangular shapes. Because of their long table, inclusions are more easily seen on emerald shape diamonds than other more brilliant cuts. Emerald-cut diamonds are named as such because the cut was originally only used on emeralds.

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