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Pear Shaped

Pear shaped diamonds are similar to round brilliant diamonds, but feature a tapering point on one end, giving the stone the appearance of a pear. They are beautiful and elegant, and tend to elongate the appearance of the finger when set in an engagement ring.

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1174 results found: pear  diamonds; between 0.5-10 carats; between $400- $999,000
Details Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Depth Table Fluor Lab Photo Price Compare
0.75 H VS2 - 59.2 57.0 Medium GIA $ 2,140
1.00 H VS2 - 61.9 62.0 None GIA $ 4,490
1.03 H VS2 - 61.2 54.0 Medium GIA $ 4,960
1.06 H VS2 - 61.0 58.0 Faint Blue GIA $ 5,060
3.01 H VS2 - 60.4 58.0 None GIA $ 41,830
0.80 H VS2 - 63.6 64.0 None IGI $ 1,860

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-Shaped Diamonds are typically a combination of a round and a marquise shape. A quality Pear diamond ought to have very good or excellent symmetry, and the point of the diamond should be in line with the apex of the rounded end. A pear-shaped diamond should be set with a prong at the point of the stone – this ensures that most flaws and inclusions will be covered by a prong. Pear diamonds typically contain 58 facets, which allows light to pass through the diamond much in the way light passes through a round diamond.

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