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46 results found: emerald diamonds; between 0.15-10 carats; between 400-999,000
Details Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Depth Table Flour Lab Photo Price
0.410.42 ED VVS1VVS1 Very GoodVery Good 64.765.2 63.063.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 1,770
1.001.02 HG SI1SI1 Very GoodVery Good 67.568.3 64.062.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 8,480
0.800.87 GF VS1VS1 Very GoodVery Good 69.169.7 62.064.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 6,030
0.900.90 GH VS1VS1 Very GoodVery Good 69.368.3 63.064.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 6,980
1.031.01 FE SI1SI1 GoodGood 68.768.8 66.067.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 8,090
0.370.38 FE VVS2VVS2 GoodGood 61.661.6 66.067.0 NoneNone GIAGIA $ 1,250
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Diamonds -Matching Pairs

Matching pairs are diamonds that are matched by their measurements— shape, color, clarity, carat and cut— to ensure that they are nearly identical. Matching pairs are used for a variety of earrings, from classic studs to dangle earrings. James Allen offers customers a wide selection of matching pair diamonds for customers shopping with every budget. Whether you are looking for round, emerald or princess cut diamonds, James Allen has a pair of matching pair diamonds sure to make your earrings sparkle.

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